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Thank you for taking time to visit and browse through our website. Below, you'll find our pricing and packages for various services that will now be available with us.
One thing to note though, you can customise your own package by mashing up the available options. So, don't feel restricted.
** However, removal of some items in the packages may not affect the overall price. These include:

  • Two Photographers - Won't affect price
  • Engagement Photo-shoot - Won't affect price
  • Evening Party Coverage - Won't affect price

** Addition of any other above 3 items will attract an addition of Kshs 15,000 per item
** The only items that will affect the price reduction if removed, are the Photo-books.

STEP 2: Request An Initial Meet-up (for wedding packages only)
An initial meet up is important so as to get acquainted and discuss matters relating to your selected package. Basically, this is to facilitate creating rapport between us (the couple & us). For overseas clients, we’re available 24/7 on
0725744695 / 0716853110‬or on Skype & Apple FaceTime on the handles below:
Skype: wilson.mwaniki
Skype: Ciku Nyawira
FaceTime: stellahnyawira@icloud.com
FaceTime: wilson.mwaniki@icloud.com
**Feel free to wake either one of us up at any time...seriously, we mean, any time.

Step 3: Seal The Deal
Having gotten acquainted after our initial meet-up, and having agreed on the total wedding package price, we will then draft up a contract with all agreed requirements, expectations and deliverables for your wedding.
The date will be reserved only when the 85% of the total package price has been paid or at least a commitment fee (Kshs 20,000) to reserve the date has been paid and the contract signed, stating how the subsequent payments shall be spread out.
We hope we’ve simplified the process of finding the perfect photographers for your wedding and also your ideal photography package. We also hope we've answered most of the questions you would've encountered while on your search for a qualified wedding photographer.
Don't hesitate to reach us on our cell phones:
0725744695 / 0716853110‬ or email addresses: info@mwaniki.biz/ info@cikunyawira.com if you may have further queries that may require clarification.
** For destination weddings and weddings outside of Nairobi, all transport and accommodation logistics are at the client’s cost.

** Due to the insecurity in Nairobi, evening party coverage won't be offered. Our services end when the reception ends.

  • 165K - Nairobi Basic

  • Ksh165,000
  • Engagement Photo-shoot
  • A3 40 Page Photo-Book
  • 2 Photographers
  • All Edited Photos
  • 200K - Destination Basic

  • Ksh200,000
  • Engagement Photo-shoot
  • Evening Party Coverage
  • A3 40 Page Photo-Book
  • 2 Photographers
  • All Edited Photos
  • 265K - Destination Deluxe

  • Ksh265,000
  • Engagement Photo-shoot
  • Evening Party Coverage
  • Next-day brunch coverage
  • A3 40 Page Photo-Book
  • Two A4 20 Page Photo-Book
  • 2 Photographers
  • All Edited Photos
  • 40K - Engagement

  • Ksh40,000
  • A4 20 Page Photo-Book
  • 2 Photographers
  • All Edited Photos
  • 3Hr Session