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Bride-to-be, here’s where I answer most of the essential questions you may have while looking for your ideal wedding photographer. For further queries though, you can reach me directly on my cell: 0725744695 or drop me an email through my contact form. I’ll certainly get back to you as soon as possible.

1. What is my strength and preferred style of photography?

My strength is in – and not confined to – shooting outdoor style weddings. However, I do also shoot indoor style weddings and my style embraces the use of natural and ambient light to artistically capture your day as well as intimate moments, naturally and as authentically as possible. I use state of the art equipment and dimly lit environments are of no worry to me as the equipment is powerful enough to capture the available ambient light and create a perfect image thats sharp, colourful and artistic. This is my preferred method of photography as I find it more important to concentrate on the wedding and the moments between the couple, as opposed to having distracting light set-ups which may sometimes fail and the technicality behind it all may take away concentration on what’s important in your wedding.


I’ve shot plenty of weddings by now to know what works and what doesn’t work for my kind of photography and an event primarily lit with coloured LED lights is just a disaster waiting to happen, especially because I use natural and ambient light in my photography. I have been blamed severally for the quality of photography that comes from weddings that had this kind of lighting. Photographers are rarely consulted when it comes to wedding planning, yet, we are blamed for mistakes arising from poor planning.

Lighting your wedding with LED lights as a primary source of light is a bad decision. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying LED lights are bad, I’m just saying using them alone is a bad decision. They’re mostly cold lights with coloured gels to make them feel warm. Sure, they look good…but they don’t translate to good photos on camera – and I speak for the ambient light photographers.

So what  do I recommend?

  • Use LED lighting away from people!!!!! Please!!!! Especially for us who are dark skinned! Use LED lights to accentuate backgrounds pointing in the direction of the background and not where people are seated. When a photo of a person or group of people is captured with LED lights shining on them, the camera fails to accurately capture the necessary information needed for their actual skin tones. During post production we end up getting dark or washed out photos of skin tones as we try to correct the ambient colour, light and skin tones.
  • In the main dome or seating area where your guests are, use incandescent lighting. There are incandescent string lights…don’t use the LED type kindly!…again, keep coloured LEDS or any of those LED lights used in events away from directly illuminating people in your event. Your photos will look awful! Trust me!
  • Tents with transparent tops are good…however don’t illuminate them from above with LED flood lights. It might look good to your eye, but it’ll be horrible in your photos. Instead, use standard flood lights if there’s really any need for illuminating from above. Or otherwise use incandescent bulb string lights or chandeliers.
  • Wishing to have those LED dance-floors? Setup the dance floor under a chandelier, string lights made of incandescent bulbs, or incandescent bulb flood lights. Stay away from LED spot lights.

I’m not discouraging the use of LED lights. Used properly, they’re beautiful! Just don’t make the mistake of lighting your event primarily with coloured and white LED lights.

By giving these recommendations I vindicate myself from any instances of awful looking images upon delivery.

I’m available to offer advise on lighting for your wedding as I’ve professionally offered lighting consultations for corporate photo shoots and documentaries for Safaricom, Airtel, Diamond Trust Bank, just to name a few.

2. How many weddings will I shoot on your wedding day?

Just one wedding. Your wedding!

3. Have I ever shot at your venue?

I have shot in numerous venues, but if I haven’t shot at yours, we could always arrange a site meeting on a date we all are free. I however, don’t do site meetings on weekends as most of them are booked way in advance. A week-day would be great!

4. Do I bring my own lighting?
Well…not quite. I use natural light during the day and ambient light while indoors or at night. You’d be surprised to see what technology has achieved with photographic equipment that can literally see in the dark (maybe I exaggerated a little there) I choose to do it this way to maintain the authenticity of my environment and capture the day as you would have seen it.

5. Do I work from a short-list?

No. And here’s why. I have shot over 100 weddings, each unique in every sense of the word. Also, I’m an artistic and creative wedding photographer. Short-lists would restrict my creativity. However, I do take short-lists of shots the couple would love to have. If you have a short-list, I’d be glad to see it and execute it accordingly.

6. How many hours are included in my packages?

My hours vary depending on the package selected. The least amount of hours though is 12 hours for the 165k package. For the other packages, hours can extend till 11pm depending on the client’s upgrades of events which are chargeable. However, my team and I can’t proceed further than 10pm due to fatigue and security reasons while getting back home, for weddings in Nairobi, Kenya.

7. Do I bring a second shooter?

Certainly! A second photographer is always included in my packages.

8. How many photos should you expect to see from your wedding?

Ideally you should expect anything from 800 – 1500 images depending on duration of the wedding. For simple destination weddings and elopement, the numbers can come down to 400 – 600 images.

9. Do I have a limit to the amount of photos I will edit?

No. I edit ALL photos taken. However, I don’t submit RAW files. Access and submission to RAW files will cost an additional Kshs 150,000. Interest in having the RAW files should be expressed on the onset of negotiations and booking as once editing is complete, the Raw files are deleted to create space for other weddings.

10. How long does it take to see proofs from your wedding?

Typically, it takes between 6 – 8 weeks to see your proofs. If in-case there may be a delay, it will be communicated to you in ample time. Some assignments take longer due to the number of photos taken during the wedding, but if there be any any delays, I’ll notify you. Once editing is done, web viewable copies of the photos are uploaded to a private folder on my website, for your viewing and selection of photos going into your photo-book. Selection is done by the client as I prefer you have control over what you see in your wedding photo-book. Participation from the client is crucial in this part. Once the selection is done, the printing takes at most 7 days.

11. Do I receive a disc with all images?

Certainly yes. All edited images. However, due to the increase in size of the photos I take, the medium of delivering photos to a client will be through a flash-drive. It has more capacity and less bulky than having a dozen DVDs which are prone to scratching if not handled carefully. The other medium, is upload to a private folder on Google Drive or One Drive, for the client to download. This however, is for the overseas clients.

12. Is a photo-book included?

Yes it is. In all my packages, I offer a photo-book(s).

13. Will I use your images in any of my advertising and marketing?

I usually do request the couple to allow me use at most 10 – 15 images for my Instagram account, which is also mirrored on my website; these images include and are limited to, detail shots, prep shots, cake shots and couple shots during the photo-session. Nothing more than that will be used. I do not blog my clients’ weddings and this is to provide utmost privacy. However, I do request, rather humbly, that the couple allow me to continue propagating my brand through the few amazing images I request from them for my Instagram handle.

14. What will I and my second shooter wear?

We will be in comfortable but smart clothing for the wedding. This is to try mimic a style close to what the guests would be wearing so as not to stand out and be a distracting element in case one of us is captured in your shots. We try to be as discreet and smart as possible. The only distinguishing element would be that we would be wielding professional cameras.

15. What is my plan if I’m ill or there is an emergency and I can’t photograph your wedding?

This has happened before, when my mum passed away during a busy wedding season and acts of God are inevitable and unpredictable. But rest assured that arrangements will be made in good time, to cover you accordingly and in that case, I do offer more photographers at my cost to cover your wedding as best as possible.

16. How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 85% of the total package price you select. However, reservations for dates is only done once a monetary commitment is made, otherwise a date is still open till a deposit of nothing less than Kshs 20,000 is made. The difference that remains from the 85% can be staggered in instalments of nothing less than Kshs 20,000. However, this varies from client to client, as some opt to make the full 85% deposit.

17. When is the balance due?

You pay the balance as you receive and inspect the deliverables. Balances are paid in cash, mobile bank transfers or mobile money transfers. Cheques are not accepted.

18. What is my cancellation policy?

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the wedding/contract, prior to 3 months to the event, the amount paid will be returned, however a Reservation Fee (25% of total package price) is non-refundable. If cancellation is made less than 3 months remaining to the event, no refunds will be made as I can’t put the reserved date back on the market, as I don’t accept last minute or rush bookings.