Congratulations on your pregnancy mama to be! How exciting! We know how exciting the parenting season of life is as we are parents to one chubby little mama! 

Thank you tonnes for considering us for your maternity and newborn photography session :). They’ve come to be our best photography sessions so far apart from weddings. Below is a few questions we have answered from previous clients to help you determine what you need for your sessions. 

Where will we do our maternity session?

We are all about creating sessions that are meaningful and unique to all families. Outdoor setups are always the best especially when you have still have the energy to dress up and go out for a picnic or walk. Some couples have also opted on having an intimate home session which is also a great idea because it’s comfortable and relaxing for the both of you. We are always happy to recommend some great outdoor locations but are also super open to working with where works best for your family. 

How long is a maternity session?

Usually we allocate 2-3 hours photography time. We understand how exhausting growing and carrying the universe is! So we are never in a hurry to rush you at all. The 3 hours allow for outfit changes and rest in between in case we are working in outdoor setups. Maternity sessions are not just about a mama-to-be so we include a couple portrait session and do some solo portraits of daddy-to-be as well. He is also pregnant!!

What do we wear?

We recommend for 2-3 outfit changes for the shoot. In terms of colours and patterns, let’s consider staying away from the cliché white shirt and blue jeans( unless everyone is taking a photo in those as part of a them) Coordinate colours. Your colours should complement one another without necessarily being too match! The colours you choose do not matter as much as staying away from clashing patterns. One of the things we have seen that works well is having free flowing maternity outfits and some fun and casual outfits as well.

What do we bring to the shoot?

Another fun idea  is to include items in your maternity session that are important to you or that you can have fun with. For example, 

  • Some baby clothes or toys  
  • Instruments to play
  • Special message cards like ’1 more month to go’ or ‘we are expecting’
  • If you have a cute dog, bring it. If you have an ugly dog, leave it at home…haha, just kidding!

When would we be due for our newborn session?

A newborn session is due two weeks after the baby is born. This is enough time for you all to have slowly transitioned home after delivery and most importantly gotten rest and used to having the baby. It’s also great timing because the baby will still have the newborn look. Trust us! Their pretty tiny faces change very fast! with the newborn session, we’d dedicate 1 hour just  for baby portraits and for the new family, we include portraits with the newborn.  

What would we get overall?

You would get all the edited photos from the sessions in a USB along with a photo book. We have no limit as to how many photos you would get overall since we edit everything from the sessions.