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About Me

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about my work and me.
To begin with, my shy persona doesn’t allow me to be a great self promoter, however, there are few things about me and a few accolades here and there that I’m quite proud of, and I think need to be mentioned in this profile.

I’m Mwaniki Wilson, a 31 year old, Kenyan based Wedding photographer. My career in photography now spans over 3 years. Among my accolades, I was the vice chairperson of the Photographers Association of Kenya, and was additionally named one of Kenya’s top 20 wedding photographers (according to www.kenyaweddingplanners.com)

However, my passion and heart heavily lies in wedding photography.

**Wedding photography for me, is all about the moments of the day. The moments that are obvious, and the hidden gems that you won’t get to see until you view your images.
I’m a highly ambitious and self-motivated individual and nobody will work harder to find and capture these moments for you throughout your day, as I will.
**My goal is to purely capture the essence of who you are by capturing your day naturally and authentically- through an artistic interpretation of your day, along with some of the best of the traditional aspects of wedding photography.

Even as the decision in choosing a wedding photographer becomes more and more difficult nowadays, with the digital revolution and the many new photographers that enter this ever growing field, I hope my work can convince you without a doubt, to hire me as a professional to professionally photograph your special day.
Most importantly, I take care of my clients. My customer service is just as important as the images themselves.

I’m currently available for wedding assignments anywhere in the country and the world. My aim is to provide utmost quality, creativity and service.
I do hope you enjoy your experience on my website and be sure to refer friends and family here in case they may be planning a wedding or are simply interested in good photography.