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Glimpse Into My Recent Wedding Assignments

Hey guys I know I haven’t blogged in a really, really long while. And chances are it will be a while till I blog another wedding in full. However, it’s not because of lack of weddings to blog, it’s actually the contrary. I have so many weddings to show all […]

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Pete & Trish – The Wedding

This is going to be a long post so brace yourself! Meet Pete & Patricia! Theirs was a wedding filled with moments that were inevitable to shoot hence the length of the post. Patricia came across my work online sometime last year when I began my ad campaign on Facebook. Lucky […]


Naftali & Sendi

I once read somewhere – can’t quite remember where, that if you die having had 5 true friends, then you’ve lived a full life. That’s one statement I hold closely to my heart, because I know I have those 5 true friends. One of them is Naftali. We’ve been friends […]

Naf & Mercy

Liza & Ryan – The Wedding

This will be one long post…just so you know, and the longest I’ll ever do. But its length is justified, as everything about this wedding you’re about to see, was just splendid! And I mean everything, to the very minute of details. The decor, colour concept and coordination, programme of […]

Liza & Ryan

Tim & Elsie – The Wedding

Apparently I’m on holiday…apparently…but I don’t think a photographer can completely be on break. I for one, cannot. I gave up on trying not to work. Hehe Anyway, remember this couple? You know them by now and saw them here during their engagement shoot- http://mwaniki.biz/engagement-shoot-elsie-tim/ It was a sure honour […]


Eivind & Thea – The Engagement Shoot

And the tease finally breaks his silence! Hey guys I know it’s been a while since I posted my newest assignments, but as I had promised, I’d try to share with you guys, most of what I did in the last quarter of 2014. But before I get to that, […]

eivind & thea

Engagement Shoot: Elsie & Tim

I once heard, that when finding someone to spend your life with, look for someone you can’t live without not someone you can live with… Elsie & Tim are that couple that make love look simple… I’ve known these two for a while now. We’ve been friends with Tim for […]


Eva & Melvin (The Wedding)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted a wedding here, but slowly but surely, the portfolio of weddings keeps growing. Thanking God for every opportunity He presents me to tell a couple’s story of their wedding through my pictures. I really do hope you love […]


Shooting bridal accessories!

Ever since I shot my first wedding, I’ve always been fascinated by photographing the bridal accessories like, the wedding dress, shoes, rings, and accompanying details like the bouquet. It’s a thing that came naturally as I love composing and here was a chance to compose with fancy items that are […]


Angie & Daniel (The Post-wedding Photo-shoot)

Hey guys! First and foremost, I want to apologise for any inconvenience caused yesterday if you tried to visit the website and you either weren’t going through or some functions were lacking. The website suffered a breach from either a malicious incident from a hacker or simply the website was […]

Angie & Daniel37

Angie & Daniel (The Wedding)

Hey folks! So, today’s post is rather long and will take two parts; the first being the wedding and the second being the post-wedding shoot – which comes along in a day or two. Here’s presenting Angie and Daniel! This was a wedding I had waited for, for so long […]

Angie & Daniel29

Lynette & Jonathan (The Wedding) #TBT

Hey guys! Here’s another #TBT wedding post, and this one is from the beautiful tea hills of Kericho. Here’s presenting Lynette & Jonathan. This wedding took place last year sometime in December and having being summoned a day before the actual wedding, we had to travel overnight and arrive in Kericho […]

Linnet & Jonathan9

Wambui – The Glamour Photo-shoot

This shoot was long over-due! We had talked and planned for this shoot for almost or over a year. My work schedule is quite sporadic and causes me to postpone personal projects quite often. This was one of those that got perpetually postponed and if not for Wambui’s persistence on […]


Esther & Andrew – The Post Wedding Photo-shoot #TBT

First and foremost, I have to credit this #TBT (Throw-back Thursday) idea to @michyopondo, on Instagram. We met a few days ago at some barbeque and started talking photography. I mentioned I’m a photographer and she happened to look me up on the internet and she really loved my work and […]

Esther & Andrew (The Wedding)

Allow me first of all, to thank all of you for your amazing response to my first blog post: Shiku & Kabiru. We got more than 3,000 hits!!! In one day!!! Guys, I truly, truly thank you. The response was overwhelming and absolutely humbling considering that it was my first […]


Shiku & Kabiru

First off, I’ll be honest and say, coming up with this blog post hasn’t been easy. This is nowhere near my aisle. I’m a person of few words or none at all, but I guess I have to move with the times and avoid being left behind. So pardon me […]

Juliet & David77

Introducing – Ask Forum

Hey there! Hope you’ve all had a great week so far! I know I have and today I make someone’s week much brighter by presenting him or her with the award of a free photo mount of his or her choice in the newly launched Mwaniki Store. But before I […]


Introducing – Mwaniki Store

Hello there I’ve been in hibernation for quite a while now, haven’t I? Hehe! Well, its all been with good reason. So now, where do I begin?!?!? There’s so much I want to say but my combination of words is so finite!!! So, to begin with, I changed the business […]

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