Esther & Andrew (The Wedding)

Allow me first of all, to thank all of you for your amazing response to my first blog post: Shiku & Kabiru. We got more than 3,000 hits!!! In one day!!! Guys, I truly, truly thank you. The response was overwhelming and absolutely humbling considering that it was my first […]


Shiku & Kabiru

First off, I’ll be honest and say, coming up with this blog post hasn’t been easy. This is nowhere near my aisle. I’m a person of few words or none at all, but I guess I have to move with the times and avoid being left behind. So pardon me […]

Juliet & David77

Lucy En Rouge (Behind the scenes)

This is a behind the scenes time-lapse video for the collaborative photo-shoot titled “Lucy En Rouge“. It quickly shows the general set up of the photo-shoot and some of the photos that were the final product. For the full album, here’s the link to the gallery: “Lucy En Rouge” Below are […]

Lucy En Rouge

Dead Fish Flow Downstream

First, this has nothing to do with fish This is for anyone thinking of venturing into photography as a career or probably a hobby. Some guy called Samuel Johnson was once quoted saying, ‘self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings’. It’s essential for you as the beginner to […]



I’m sure the title got you thinking, “How rude!”. But before you judge me…take time and read through this post. You may find it pretty helpful. We unfortunately or fortunately – depending on how you look at it – live in a society that’s predominantly influenced by image. We cannot […]


Gear Vs Idea – A Post For Photography Beginners

The Gear or the Idea – Which comes first? This post is specifically meant for (but not limited to) up-coming or beginning photographers. Here’s my take. When getting into whatever venture – not limited to photography – you must first think “agenda”. Why and what is it that has made […]


Welcome to the new look Mwaniki Photography

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year? I hope not. Welcome to the new-look and intuitive portal that is It’s been quite a journey to here. If you had previously visited this website, it probably couldn’t load, or was taking an eternity to load, or […]


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