Eva & Melvin (The Wedding)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted a wedding here, but slowly but surely, the portfolio of weddings keeps growing. Thanking God for every opportunity He presents me to tell a couple’s story of their wedding through my pictures. I really do hope you love […]


Featured: Nairobi Creative Profiles by @andrewonyango

Happy Friday to you all and hoping you’re looking forward to a splendid weekend. Well, today I have some exciting something to share with all of you…(well, exciting to me) I don’t know how you’ll all receive it, but to me it was a great honour and humbling moment to […]


Shooting bridal accessories!

Ever since I shot my first wedding, I’ve always been fascinated by photographing the bridal accessories like, the wedding dress, shoes, rings, and accompanying details like the bouquet. It’s a thing that came naturally as I love composing and here was a chance to compose with fancy items that are […]


Angie & Daniel (The Post-wedding Photo-shoot)

Hey guys! First and foremost, I want to apologise for any inconvenience caused yesterday if you tried to visit the website and you either weren’t going through or some functions were lacking. The website suffered a breach from either a malicious incident from a hacker or simply the website was […]

Angie & Daniel37

Angie & Daniel (The Wedding)

Hey folks! So, today’s post is rather long and will take two parts; the first being the wedding and the second being the post-wedding shoot – which comes along in a day or two. Here’s presenting Angie and Daniel! This was a wedding I had waited for, for so long […]

Angie & Daniel29

Lynette & Jonathan (The Wedding) #TBT

Hey guys! Here’s another #TBT wedding post, and this one is from the beautiful tea hills of Kericho. Here’s presenting Lynette & Jonathan. This wedding took place last year sometime in December and having being summoned a day before the actual wedding, we had to travel overnight and arrive in Kericho […]

Linnet & Jonathan9

Shiku & Kabiru

First off, I’ll be honest and say, coming up with this blog post hasn’t been easy. This is nowhere near my aisle. I’m a person of few words or none at all, but I guess I have to move with the times and avoid being left behind. So pardon me […]

Juliet & David77

Wambui – The Glamour Photo-shoot

This shoot was long over-due! We had talked and planned for this shoot for almost or over a year. My work schedule is quite sporadic and causes me to postpone personal projects quite often. This was one of those that got perpetually postponed and if not for Wambui’s persistence on […]


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